Monday, August 9, 2010

Indie Hip Hop? @JayElectronica

Last week I was going through my new downloads for the month looking for something to catch my ear. While listening to them, Corey made a mention of an artist that I should check out. His name is Jay Electronica.When looking for his music, his discography is sporadic at best. Releasing tracks on mixtapes (1 hour long tracks in fact) or tracks here and there released on various websites.

I found his "Victory" mixtape and listened to it completely. I am huge fan of Talib Kwali and Nas so with all the artists featured on his songs it was a great listen. His sound is very similar to Nas with some excellent beats behind his phenomenal lyrics.

Here are two outstanding tracks from that mixtape. His upcoming release is slated to forthcoming.


  1. When I read the headline I thought you revisiting The AntiPop Consortium. And they are well worth a revisit.

    I was gonna note that he has a daughter with Erykah Badu but there aren't many rap artists that don't have a kid with her.

  2. So does procreating with Erykah Badu make you a better artist? or give you more indie cred? Because the 2 rappers I can think of that have I really enjoy.